-Brand Concept-

ID one’s meaning is in the name.

The name was taken to allow the person to reach individuality and bring their own style and image to the ski. You are the most important part of the ski itself and you create the image.

ID= Identity = Identification

Our Identity is in making a quality ski. This is ID one ski's primary goal. We use our expertise in technique and technical knowledge for making this ski, and most of all we use our passion for skiing as the fuel for this knowledge. Because of this passion the skis we make has our souls inside of each and every ski we produce.
The ski we make is our Identity. It is part of us.

one = Only one = No. 1

Only one / No.1 even if we say this, it is not a message of results from competition or succeeding over the other ski companies.

The meaning of the message is that we take the athletes desire to be number one and Only one, original, and use this drive to create a ski that will help them achieve all their goals. We take the athletes thoughts on what they want from a ski and build a ski from this basis. The skis we want to bring to you is the exact ski that the athletes themselves use in their lives. The ski they use in competition and the ski that they want to use all the time. We believe that the ski an athlete promotes must represent their own standard in excellence and must not betray the consumers trust. The ski that our athletes use is the same one that you will receive. No exceptions!

What we do at ID one is challenge from within ourselves. What we can not do we overcome these challenges by using all our resources to make the best ski for you. The ski we make is a ski that represents who we are. Our style and ski is what creates ID one and we hope that you can take this spirit of ID one and join our goal of being the best while being original.

ID one ski

ID one ski provides a finish to the base of all our skis that has the precision of a hand tuned ski. Other ski companies have a mass production finish with a spot check of a couple pairs in each batch made. When you buy a new car do you need a tune up first? No!! This ski is that of a hand crafted piece of equipment that you can count on and this finish is guaranteed through the whole line of ID one skis

Flat base-

Getting a ski base flat is the most difficult part of a good tune. ID one ski prides itself in giving you a perfectly flat ski that is hand checked along the whole base of the ski. Tip to tail. This is needed so that you can roll the ski on and off edge with ease and not have trouble with the ski line tracking away from you.


The finish on the base is a Micro-stone. This means that the texture of the base is finer than that of a stone finish. This allows for more of a precision measurement and cut lines in the base and therefore is a very smooth running base. The ski has already de-tuned the edges on the end areas of the ski so that the ski can easily initiate and release a turn like that of a professional's hand tuned ski. The edges are ready to give you the control and ease to your grip on the snow.

Wax or No/wax-

When you get your new ski you are ready to go! This ski finish is such a top quality that you can either go skiing directly on the ski as is and have a fast/ smooth running ski or you can put wax on that would give it a finish of that top competitor's ski.

We believe that this standard is what you deserve in your purchase. ID one personally checks every ski to make sure that the finish is perfect.

This quality is ID one's goal in every detail and nothing is over-looked to bring you a ski that every one of us at ID one expects in our own equipment.